On 12-15th February 2018 CARD in partnership with UNICEF distributed Students’ and teachers’ kits and School in-boxes in various schools around Wau.

By Riak Madut- Education Project Manager

Pupils were very excited during learning materials distribution
Pupils were very excited during learning materials distribution

The distribution of learning materials to vulnerable children came as result of the parents’ failure to afford to pay for their children’s learning requirements e.g. Exercise books, pens and etc among schools received were Masna Talip, Bilpam, Piantok. Adet, Alel chok, Marial Ajieth nad New Sites primary schools

Due to the economic crisis which has hit the country so badly to the point of buying exercise book became so difficult to most of the learners, as per now the cost of one exercise book in Wau ranges from 300 to 400 South Sudanese Pounds which make it too difficult for IDPs children to purchase and vulnerable marginalised community to afford. A part from the conditions they are in; what is even worse is, there are no exercise books in the market.  One PTA member from Masna Talip IDP primary school said, Pinyi Akuar,

“At first the biggest challenge was school tuition fees, it was the obstacle that impeded our children’s school enrolment, but now the conditions at the issue of writing material has made everything worse than ever before, some IDPs parents who couldn’t afford to pay for their own school supplies. This includes pencils and books, as well as uniforms or appropriate clothing and shoes which has tripled the increment of children dropping out from schools among children.”

“Because most of the pupil’s parents are vulnerable, having lost their usual source of income, tend to have great difficulties in covering their children’s education requirement”.

Exercise books are distributed
PTA chairperson Pinyi was very happy during exercise book distribution in school

The Masna Talip primary case is the same across the countrywide in many schools that were assessed by CARD and UNICEF, the lack of exercises and text books as well as the “decent” clothing and sanitary supplies has caused significant school absenteeism among girls, especially among adolescents. Whereas  schools which were established by communities whatsoever; schools that had been established  were found  to lack the most basic supplies, such as blackboards, chalk, school benches, books, and even roofs.

Family’s poverty has driven many adolescent girls out of schools and into prostitution where they are at risk of trafficking. CARD in partnership with UNICEF is responding to this situation by supporting vulnerable children with writing materials to improve education systems and encourage children to learn.

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