1. To reduce extreme poverty, hunger and promote sustainable economic development and agriculture production to increase Food & Nutrition Security and Sustainable Livelihoods for the poor and marginalised People.
  1. To ensure that education facilities are equipped and accessible for both boys and girls for quality basic education service for all.
  1. To promote peaceful, reconciliation, unity and inclusive ethics for sustainable social economic development & comprehensive unify institutions provide justice for all.
  1. To ensure that the Gospel of Christ is preached and reaching out to unbelievers, people converted, lives transformed, disciple and are yearning for spiritual growth.
  1. To strengthen partnership with both local and international development agencies for sustainable community development and life transformation.
  1. To ensure project stakeholders are fully engaged and participate in community development programs and become active partners in project planning, management and monitoring to enhance program sustainability and project ownership.
  1. To ensure that areas that are classified as water insecure have access to quality and sufficient safe drinking water and capacity building water management committees for sustainable management and personal hygiene practices.




  1. Enhance the capacity of vulnerable communities in developmental programmes and provide access to sustainable livelihood programmes to eradicate extreme poverty among the poor and marginalized communities in Bahr el Ghazal.
  2. Reduce levels of poverty at least by half of the proportion of population by improving in Food Nutrition Security productions and ensure sustainable food production systems and implement resilient agricultural practices result in high volume of quality productivity and production.
  3. Ensure that children, both boys and girls have access to quality educational opportunities and can afford to complete free primary school certificates and secondary education leading to higher education.
  4. Ensuring that school learning facilities are well equipped and conductive for learning.
  5. Ensure that different communities are reconciled and capacity is built through peace building and conflict transformation so that communities become aware of their roles and responsibilities and are able to solve communal conflicts in the Bahr el Ghazal Region.
  6. Ensure that all areas classified as water insecure have access to and are afforded quality safe drinking water and hygiene practices.
  7. Ensure that communities are transformed with God’s Word through discipleship training.
  8. Reduce the high level of suffering of vulnerable groups at least by half of the proportion of population by provision of emergency lifesaving and food relief assistance.