Norwegian Church Aid installed WIFI and power supply to CARD Office

Earlier this year on 12th Jan 2021. The Norwegian Church Aid South Sudan Program has supported CARD with Internet and 6 panels of solar to supply power to offices. For very long time CARD has faced a lot of challenge due to lack of internet in the office, this undermine organization capacity though attributed to failure to pursuing her dreams, taking into account that the world is gearing toward technology, without internet it’s a bit challenges to be able to get fund. In His letter of appreciation to NCA the Executive Director Rev. Andrew Apiny Macham said “The internet and power supplying you have provided to CARD has brought us closer to our goal and mission. We were disconnected from the world today we are connected to the world, you’re a big deal for us.

We wouldn’t have done it without your generosity. Hence I want to let you know that I valued the amount of efforts and resources you have put into CARD and your financial support to CARD over the years, this indicated that your leadership have deep commitment to work with our organization CARD. Let me very frank to you; getting donor like NCA at this difficult time whose consistently donate funding to particular partner is rarely and I think NCA is one of the few donors who does that“.

this clearly indicated that internet is paramount important today business, it a bit difficult to success without use of internet, the internet provided to CARD will supported not only CARD staff but other department like St, John College, Diocese of Wau Staff and internal Provincial staff. Executive Director Rev, Andrew Further stated that, “We are inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors like NCA who answer the call to give again and again. With your faithful financial contributions over the years, you’ve demonstrated your deep commitment to support CARD in every way. With this tremendous support I sincerely write this letter to express our deepest thanks for your year’s financial supports and the recent installation of internet and power supply“.

The Norwegian Church Aid is one of the few international Christian organization who actually support CARD financially and built CARD capacity in various aspects among are financial management, staff development skills and organization policy with this support such profound tremendous support is  genuinely appreciated, It’s an honour to write to such a generous organization like NCA for making CARD great.

Food Security and Livelihoods funded by HART will make  women to be productive members in the society. By Andrew Apiny Macham 

South Sudan remains highly vulnerable to a range of economic, political, food security and livelihoods, social, and environmental and security related shocks. This has resulted to food insecurity and the deepening economic crisis, which have disrupted every stage of the food value chain. the ongoing conflict in the country has  displacement thousand of people in addition to  period climate extremes resulting in extended dry spells and flooding have brought a persistent decline to food production.  In addition to the  structural constraints related to access to quality inputs, tools and equipment, knowledge and skills to cope with climate extremes and for improved agricultural production. Concurrently, contamination of arable land by explosive hazards has hindered food production

Due to extended periods of conflict women have lost the means and capacity to provide for themselves and have subsequently become entrenched in a cycle of dependency on foreign assistance they even lost agriculture skills. with this project the women will regain back their skills while at the same, agricultural activities will become their main sources of income within the communities, as of now women in collected sites in Hai Masna  are involved in  petty trade (such as selling tea, brewing local alcohol with 20% earning less  which is equivalent of $1/day.

With this financial support from Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust has funded Christian Action for Relief and Development-CARD , the project will  boost their resilience through fostering their abilities to generate an income and savings, as well as re-ignite their confidences in both skill-learning and business to become self-reliance and self-employment.

Its also expected that this project will   Empower self-help groups economically to increased access to food Nutrition Security and sustainable livelihoods for the poor vulnerable Women in IDPs collected site. The concept of Self Help Group (SHG) is to make target groups to become productive members in the society by creating their own  employment to help in reducing the incidence disguised and seasonal unemployment.  The target self-help group women supported in food security and sustainable livelihood dramatically Increased in food vegetable production and reduce the incidence of general and acute malnutrition among rural households in collected sites.

These cooperative groups (Self Help Group) will be train in marketing skills, business skills, savings and credit, in order to addresses consolidating economic based. This will enhances the women’s contribution to the household’s income as a result of credit access, saving culture, earning interest. Helps in creating self-employment generation, initiating livelihoods skills. It also enable them to claim a good measure of autonomy from perpetual dependency on self- independent and to participate fully in society economically.