Project title: Support extremely vulnerable groups and people with disabilities IDPs with relief food assistance in five collected centers in Wau.

Overall Goal:  Reduce Extreme Poverty, hunger and promote sustainable agriculture production to increase Food & Nutrition Security and Sustainable Livelihoods.

Specific object: Reduce the high level of suffering of vulnerable groups at least by half of the proportion of population by provide of emergency food relief assistance.

Project Area, Western Bahr el Ghazal State

Target groups, Elderly, lactating mothers, pregnancy women, orphans & people with disabilities

Estimated Budget:  80,000 USD

Duration of the project. 1 Year

The humanitarian aid agencies have limited resources to supporting IDPs. South Sudan have higher number of Internal Displaced Persons in the world who survive on humanitarian aid only, Wau State is one of the state being affected badly by tribal conflict, Wau alone has   six IDPs camps, the conditions of those IDPs in those camps is very pathetic; many IDPs are surveying on leaves and wild fruits like wild animals let alone to cover the costs of health care or clothing. They are focused on day-to-day survival and try to get some casual jobs just to earn a minimum income. Most of these IDPs depend on food assistance provide by WFP, and undernourishment is a serious problem especially among children; extremely vulnerable such as pregnancy women, lactating mothers, elderly and people with disabilities their conditions is pitiable in the camps.

WFP which is the main agency for humanitarian aid announced in humanitarian coordination forum last month, that they are facing   food shortages taking into account  the majority of people are in POCs  made it even more worse  for WFP to response effectively consider the scar resources we have.

Now days the food being distributed to IDPs as of now is 8kg per month per person, initial this use to be food for 15 days but due to insufficient food WFP has, it is not usually as business.  What this imply is that in the coming months even the little they have now they won’t have and of course the condition is already being felt; WFP has temporarily suspended it operation in the Wau because of security issues for the last 4 months; the conditions for IDPs in Wau is no longer improving instead it deteriorating day by day. The government has made an appealed to humanitarian agencies in Wau to shift in and rescue the situation on the ground. Looking at this tragic scenario CARD is appealing to her partners for financial support to support vulnerable groups and people with disabilities. This particular groups are the most affected group because they cannot afford to go out and look for leaves and wild fruits to support themselves they need support looking at their physical challenges it make them more vulnerable.

Key Activities

  1. Community needs assessment in 5 camps among IDPs vulnerable groups.
  2. Identification and registration of extremely vulnerable group in the camps, lactating mothers, elderly, pregnancy women and people with disabilities
  3. Sourcing for funding to  support vulnerable groups
  4. Purchase food for vulnerable group
  5. Produce food ration and issue to vulnerable group
  6. recruit emergency protection officer
  7. purchase and distributed torch, secondhand clothes to vulnerable groups
  8. Attending protection cluster coordinate meetings