CARD in her planning in an attempt to achieve organization’s vision, mission, goals, objectives that were set out in strategic plan for 2022.  The organization has narrow down to some specific press needs and identified five crucial areas for now to focus on as first priorities.  These selected projects are in line with government’s strategies and humanitarian agencies’ priorities plan in the country which are addressing food security for the poor and vulnerable in fragile situations, Emergency relief response, emergency education project, and peace building and conflict prevention. There is a solid connection between the government strategic plans, development actor plans and CARD’s priorities and strategies plan with a view to above mention projects.  Here is the concept paper.

Mission & Evangelism

Title: To proclaim the gospel of Christ to non-believers to turn away from their sins and be baptize in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit through mission and evangelism.

Over All Goal. Strengthened Mission and Evangelism to Go and proclaim the Good News to the poor and equip them with the Word; for the Live Transformation of God’s people and disciple for God’s services

Specific Objective:  Go and proclaim the Gospel of Christ among the Luo community in Wau State.

Project areas. Western Bahr el Ghazal State

Project duration.  2years

Project estimated budget: 85,000 USD

Target group. Luo, Muslim


Research carried out among the Luo communities in Wau State indicated that 95% of Luo interviewed are not born again Christian rather they are biological Roman Catholic born Christian. This is what it meant by “biological Roman Catholic born Christian” every Luo who is biological born by parents from Roman Catholic automatically become Roman Catholic believer by physical birth; whether he/she know Christ or not, attend catholic church or not, baptize or not, it doesn’t matter, what count is that the parents are from Roman Catholic church so he is.  This led the researchers team went further to question on their participation in the church but it was found out that 99% of Luo who claimed to be member of Roman Catholic Church they never participate in praise and worship, in church services, church leadership and pastoral works, even though they professed to be dying heart catholic followers, the information gathered so far revealed that they don’t even go to the church Sunday services but once in blue moon.

We also asked them whether they have the Bibles and how often they read those Bibles; the research revealed that 99.9% of Luo don’t have the bible, and never read the Bible, we further asked if they have Bible in their mother tongues 85% said they heard there is Bible in Luo Language but they never seen it, only 15% have seen it in the store but never have it; this provoked us and asked question why are the Luo Bible not being use by the Luo communities when they are there for them? When we asked this question 50%  respondents said, getting  those Bible is not easy from the Catholic church administration in Wau; while 25% respondents said they are not aware whether the Bibles are there or not, only 25% said they know the Luo Bible are there but they were asked to pay some money to be given. They researchers didn’t stop there, we went further in different denominations such as Episcopal Church of South Sudan, Wau Pentecostal Church, just to balance the equation unfortunately the result found out there are so disappointed only 5 to 10 Luo’s attend other denominations   and out of 10 attend church only 2 are committed and participated in church meetings, and other services.

 We then went to Mosque or Muslim and find out if there are Luo; we have found out that 35% of Muslim are Luo and most of these people returnees from Khartoum after South Sudan got independent. We also asked the religious positions that are being held by Luo in both Christian and Muslim; it was shocked to learn that only in Muslim are Luo holding high positions, in Christian we rate them denomination by denomination and so we begin with Roman Catholic were they are dying heart follower but there is no one holding pastoral position except one person who hold small position Episcopal Church is a bit ok, we have found there two pastors only in Wau Town.

After all these we asked ourselves, if there is strategic plan to reach the Luo communities with the Gospel unfortunately there is plan except Muslim are trying to outside to reach the   Luo  those in the villages.

Looking at this information gathered Luo are the majority in Wau state yet they are not reached with gospel it is the question of why and answer is with  CARD through it spiritual transformation mission and evangelism prioritized this as part of organization  Christian commitment to proclaimed the gospel among the Luo community in Wau.

Key Activities

  • Door to door evangelism
  • Discipleship training program
  • Sunday fellowship in Luo language
  • Identify and ordained an evangelist for mission and evangelism
  • Formation of team for mission and evangelism
  • Sourcing for funding for mission and evangelism
  • Pray and fasting for mission and evangelism
  • Purchasing equipment’s, organ for mission and evangelism
  • Purchasing and distribute Luo Bible to new convert Christian.
  • Make follow up to the new converted
  • Baptize the new convert.