Christian Action for Relief and Development

Restoring Hopes, inspiring Actions, Transforming Lives.

 What CARD Stand for?

Christian Action for Relief and Development-CARD is a CHRISTIAN community transformational development organization. Transformation is a part of God’s continuing transmuting community, restoring hopes and human relationship with God to be unite again, to sharpening community  minds to be renewed again,  deepening their faith in Christ to grow spiritual. We believe our purpose is not limited to physical need of the poor but as it stated in the book of Isaiah He said, “He sent me to preach the good news to the poor, to heal the heartbroken, announce freedom to all captives, and pardon all prisons….. And comfort all who mourn, to care for the needs of all who morn in Zion, give them bouquets of rose instead of ashes messages of joy instead of news of doom .praise heart instead of a languid spirit” (61:1-6) Apart of hope spiritual development we as Christian community are entrusted to take care for the environment because the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it”

RRCHRISTIAN ACTION FOR RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT-005Psalm 24:1 this particular chapter is awakening and reminding to all Christians, that this earth is Lord’s produce and everything in it belong to Him so let no man destroy it. Revelation 11:18; has even make it worse “the time has come…for rewarding your servants the prophets and your saints and those who reverence you name… and for destroying those who destroy the earth. As for us we called to witness to the world.

We believe transformative Christian development organization is based on the ideal vision that through God, lives transformation can be experience, hence  as Christian development actors are a bind by this scripture  “Don’t be confirmed  to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what you the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect ( Roman 12:2) and put on   the new self, which in the likeness of God  has been created in righteousness and holiness of the truth (Ephesian 4: 22-24).

To transform the society we tap into much deeper values of Christian principles, changing of attitude co-operation, justice and ‘concern for the common good.

RRCHRISTIAN ACTION FOR RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT-009The Bible challenges us to live according to these values, which are essential aspects of love and eternal live, even if we intervene with huge food during crisis, even if we build extraordinary infrastructures, even if we empower community economical, even if we develop community educational and healthily but we didn’t nurture and building them spiritual our work will not add up something valuable in Heaven.  Hence as Christian organisation we affirmed our holistic commitment for the whole person- relief, physical development, economic development, spiritual development and social development both must be mainstream and integrated in all the programs, we realised there is danger in addressing one aspect of life without the other can result to disappointment.

So therefore, we take both into consideration, the right to life with dignity is our basic principle; meaning we can do anything to support people at time of crisis to receive humanitarian assistance, we stand together in the right to protection and security of the people, as well as the safety and security of people in situations of disaster or conflict are of particular humanitarian concern.

While at the same time addressing spiritual aspect, through mission and evangelism. We now know people are both spiritual poor and physical poor all of which need to be met at the same time. The gospel of Christ … is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth. . . . For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, the just shall live by faith” (Rom. 1:17). CARD as Christian development organization believe poverty is result of many thing, our broken relationship with God and poor leadership, poor governance among other contribute to poverty.

As such we equip community with biblical principle of community development to be good stewardship of the resources, times, and to have transformed leaders, servanthood leadership who are creativity & innovative willing to bring positive change in the country.

We believe that human can be transformed positively only through true, relevant education and so this take us in adapting  popular education approach, which  is not just an individualistic academic exercise like much world education in which  are people taught to obtain high qualifications for themselves. Our approach community education is popular education which recognizes the energy and potential within each community, and tries to empower them to make their full contribution to the process of building a new society in which it is possible for all people to meet fundamental human needs by imparting knowledge and skills which are relevant to the situation, environment and to the society needed to bring stability.

CARD we believe in deepening faith to commit to agenda of God, inspiring actions to bring lives transformation, better person, and useful in the society.  CARD organize the power of community engagement and participation in development programs to enhance sense of ownership and accountability in project.

Christian Action for Relief and Development-CARD is Community in ACTION for development.

Committed to inspiring the spirit of action in communities to be active and productive member in society and to transform lives. We believe! Really radical changes and life transformation can only be experience when person make personal decision and action to change his/her life status. Hence CARD ideologies is to inspiring the spirit of action, self-confidence, sense of dignity and self-worth in communities to participate in community development programs and own the projects  so that the sense of “we feeling” is felt.  We do this because we have learnt from our long working experience with different communities; we discovered the persisting poverty in Africa it happen because of communities isolation from decision making and action of, communities are view as vulnerable or destitute group instead of self-helping group, organisations diminish their abilities, their  knowledge, wisdom and ideas are regard as  useless and they are view stranded people who  don’t have anything neither  do they know anything  to be involve in development  process of need identification and programme design.

RRCHRISTIAN ACTION FOR RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT-008But story proved that people’s participation in action is bring true lives transformation and sustainable development than organisation doing the work for them.

Community cannot benefit from external action if they don’t take part in decision making and action, the best way is to engage them, involve them in and make them participate in decision and action, this will make them become leading actors of their own transformation, and may allow them to go from being beneficiaries of external development interventions to generators of their own development. Community in action development make people more responsible of their actions and accountability for their works.

With this approach come sense of ownership and accountability and makes community to become solution of their own problems, and become more proactive to identify their challenges that face them and take appropriately action to address them. We believe this approach community in action is the best ever way to achieve sustainable community development programs.

Christian Action for and Development-CARD is a community RELIEF organisation.

It’s responses are based on a humanitarian basis of material aid and health services to save and preserve human lives. We are committed to ensure that people affected by disasters or conflict have access to at least the minimum requirements for life with dignity and security, including adequate water, emergency education, sanitation, food, nutrition, shelter and healthcare. CARD also committed to re-establish communities’ self-identify, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, high self-esteem to feel good about themselves. We also support essential services as quickly as possible for all population groups, with special attention to those whose needs are greatest: the most vulnerable and underprivileged.

Where possible CARD strive to repair or replace damaged infrastructure and regenerate viable economic activities and do it in a manner that contributes to long-term development goals and reduces vulnerability to any future recurrence of potentially damaging hazards.

RRCHRISTIAN ACTION FOR RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT-011We are committed to taken actions in the aftermath of a disaster to enable basic services to resume functioning, assist victims’ self-help efforts to repair dwellings and community facilities, and to facilitate the revival of economic activities (including agriculture) and the full restoration of all services and local infrastructure,

CARD is committed to rehabilitation programs focuses on enabling the affected populations (families and local communities) to resume more-or-less normal (pre-disaster) patterns of life.  While at same time recovery person to return the community to normal life. Our aim release the burdened of peoples and restore hopes to build better community.

Christian Action for Relief and Development-CARD is a community DEVELOPMENT organisation.

Agents aware of it values and development programs, designed to engage community and to participation in decision making action to transform lives, social, economically, healthily, educational and leadership with servant-hood.  We believe strongly in 3Cs in order to enhance project ownership and sustainable community development programs; the 3Cs are essential for this, Community Engagement, Community Empowerment, Community Participation, these are our pillars and working principle which we believe will enhance sustainable community’s development programs.   We collectively take community through these process to improve their social lives, physical, environment, cultural, political, and economical. To enhance their  quality of lives; we are committed to bring all stakeholders on board to own the process ant take collective responsibilities so to build new communities and alternative structures which empower the poor and enable all people to become subjects of their own destiny.

We believe community are they custodians to improve their own wellbeing conditions and true self-reliances, and so we involve them in community activities in a variety of different ways. So we engage them from the starting point as our partners in community development projects. When community view themselves as partners in the program they become more active partners in the regeneration of communities by contributing and sharing in the decisions that affect their lives. Their participation enable them to have a degree of power and control in the processes with which they are involved and influence decisions that affect them.

RRCHRISTIAN ACTION FOR RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT-004Through these process we are able identify community gift and talents, culture, community based assets, community natural resources, community weak and strength then nurture their gifts and talents, support their effort to invest on their local resources that are available.

While on the other, we engage the communities in building peace to bring reconciliation among the post conflict communities to be peaceful society while at the same time empower them  to think wide, deeper about their social issues that affect them as well as  empower them economical to participate in nation building, to contribute to economic growth and benefit from growth   process  in ways that recognize the value of their contributions, dignity and  power to influence decision on a fairer distribution of the benefits of growth.  We nurture community’s spiritual to grow in the faith in Christ and become Christ center community equipped for God’s services and servant leaders.

CARD’S Organisation Status

CARD organisation is voluntary, a Self-governing body, non-political, non-profit making organisation, Non –partisan and it is an Indigenous Christian based organisation a South Sudanese National organisation, it is development Christian organisation and humanitarian aid agency wing of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan Diocese of Wau & Northern Bahr el Ghazal Internal Province which include Diocese of Abyei, Aweil, Gogrial, Tonj and Raja respectively.   It’s legally registered and guaranteed with the right to sue or be sued in its own identity, interest and capacity.

CARD Founders and the formation (our history our pride)

The Christian Action for Relief and Development abbreviated-CARD was founded on September, 11th 2011, by Diocesan key staff; which included The Most Rev. Moses Deng Bol, The Current Internal Archbishop of Northern Bahr el Ghazal Province and The Bishop of Diocese of Wau; as the Executive Director and the Chairperson of the Board of Trustee and The Very Rev, Andrew Apiny Macham the current Executive Director of CARD and The Secretary General of the Board of Trustee.

The formation of CARD organization came about after fighting broke out between the Government of South Sudan and North Sudan Government in 2011 which resulted to influx of thousands and thousands of returnees from the North Sudan to South Sudan.  The key church leaders of Wau Diocese Bishop Moses Deng and Rev, Andrew Apiny had seen the need it in which the people were trembling, felt the needs of the thousands of returnees people.

RRCHRISTIAN ACTION FOR RELIEF AND DEVELOPMENT-014The two leaders were moved by this tremendous needs facing the communities this gave birth to CARD organization we know today as development wing of Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan Diocese of Wau, The aim was  to provide  an Emergency humanitarian assistance to returnees from North Sudan, with food and non-food items as well as provision of sustainable livelihood projects such as agriculture activities and micro finance as way to create generating income activities to returnees from Khartoum  in order to be self-reliance and stabilized as prime responsibility of responding to emergency needs of suffering human being and consequential to real need in  Western Bahr el Ghazal State, South Sudan.

Over the years the organisation’s capacity has systematically increased its capacity and its operations in different States as well as Dioceses of the Episcopal church of South Sudan.

Our Objectives based on the needs raised and demand of organization services in those areas allow it to expand its services, since the formation, CARD had implemented a numerous of recovery of short and long-term development projects in different areas of different needs.

CARD’S Head office.

The Christian Action for Relief and Development Head office is based in Wau State, at The Northern Bahr el Ghazal Internal Province Compound, Hai Mozephin, Next to Wau Teaching Hospital C/O ECS Provincial Office P.O. Box 110 Juba South Sudan and its liaison office in Juba South Sudan whiles its branch offices in other states of South Sudan and Dioceses of Northern Bahr el Ghazal Internal Province.