Rebecca’s testimonies of how a CARD project changed her life.

Rebecca Abuok is one of beneficiary who received vegetable seeds for production after attending horticulture training on a demonstration plot in Masna Talim, Wau Municipality. The project which was funded by the EU, implemented by CARD aims to increase agriculture diversification of crops in the areas of intervention among a target group of IDPs/returnees and residents in Wau and Jur River County.

Unfortunately the target beneficiaries most of them are not familiar with vegetable production especially cabbage or Eggplant, as such there was a lack of seriousness in the project, however a few farmers had given a little time to this idea and Rebecca was one of those farmers who cultivated vegetables for the purpose of trying them anyway.

Regrettable Rebecca was sad after she had seen the high yielding and good quality of her trial products and the benefit of these new crops especially at the time when the cultivation period is overdue and seeds were no longer available to her. She admitted that she was ignorant and wished she had known the outcome of this growing earlier, she would have cultivated enough for her home consumption and had enough to sell. But now the time is over and what is worse there are no more seeds. she was having negative toward vegetable crop production but like a bolt from the blue she was soon among the top farmers who sold their products and got to know the benefits this. From her crop production that Rebecca sold; she got 350 ssp. She is not the only one who thought this way, there are many ignorant farmers who despite the seeds being available are now saying I wish I had known.

egg plants ready to sellI wish I knew that it would become so important to say to those who didn’t cultivate enough diversification of crops, earlier this year. Although project staff had taken a great deal of care to educated the community of the importance of vegetable crops and trained farmers on demonstration plots on how to plant them. In spite of that efforts, most farmers took it for a joke and were very sceptical and resistant to the project activities without proper analysis and clear understanding of the project.

As such some had given less attention to it and put more effort on staple crop production that are their usual home-grown production. However few individuals who optioned for these unusual crops did very well or better than their expectations and compare to their counterpart who wished. Rebecca being risk taker she explained the benefit she got from the project, “When I cultivated these vegetables crops I didn’t know that some good thing will come out we had pushed on hard to try and see the outcome. Good enough I gave it trial since I don’t know their benefit. It’s with regret to say I am sorry for my ignorance and inflexibility. What I have got from this product had enabled me to buy nice dresses for myself and also a portion of these tomatoes and egg plants were used for home consumption. So for the last two months the issue of food sources has been taken care of.
Anyway I have now known the importance of these crops it is source of income. I wish I knew this before I would have cultivated enough of big space and harvested more and had more enough to sell and consume.

Nevertheless, I hope in the future I will do much better next season; it’s for that very reason I have preserved enough seeds for the next season”.