• CARD is non-political, non-religious, non-profit making, non-proselyte, non –partisan. A South Sudanese Christian National organisation.
  • Its legally registered by the South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC), under the Registration of NGOs, CBOS, Societies and Associations’ Under the Chapter 3, Section 10 of NGOs Act, 2016 (Registration Number 063) as National Organization, the certificate is  renew yearly by RRC
  • It is legally guaranteed with the right to sue or be sued in its own identity, interest and capacity
  • Legally accountable and answerable to the state government, national government, NGOs or others institutions to which it is bonded to
  • Legally entitled to all privileges, rights, benefits, outstanding services, considerations or gratitude provided by the government of South Sudan to indigenous Non-Governmental Organizations.