Our values guide our behaviour and actions then our behaviours is reflection of organisation.

We are committed to integrity and transparency

  • Take actions that are consistent with words
  • Deal with people and issues openly, directly and respectfully
  • Do the right thing even if unpopular or risky
  • open about  works, provide accurate information to relevant stakeholders
  • Foster a climate of trust and openness between people
  • Openly give, invite and receive coaching and feedback
  • Promoting an anti-fraud and anti-corruption culture
  • Zero tolerance approach to fraud and corruption of any type or in any circumstances.
  • The integrity of financial must be reflect on records and reports on accuracy and completeness of financial records
  • everyone should feel comfortable to speak his or her mind, particularly with respect to ethics concerns
  • We are committed to integrity and transparency  in all aspect of our works, our actions and lives
  • Individual to declare nay personal interests that might conflict with their official duties.

We are committed to Excellence and quality Services Delivery

  • Demonstrate a passion for understanding and meeting the needs of our customers and shareholders
  • Strives to uphold highest professional standards in service delivery and offering quality humanitarian products and excellence service that is worth and relevant to the needs of the target people.
  • Take active responsibility for the quality of service we provide to customers and others
  • Are open to change and readily implement better ways of doing things
  • Have high performance expectations and a mind-set of excellence
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction through community compliant handling and feedback mechanism.
  • Enhance community project ownership and sustainability, organisation ownership through stakeholder’s engagement and participation in decision making and project implementation.
  • Promote autonomy and independence, by encourage, self-help groups self-help organisations controlled by staff, communities on basis on democratically control.

We are committed to accountability and social responsibility:

  • Ensure  safety and environmental  protection  and supporting our communities:
  • Maintain an absolute commitment to safety for ourselves and others
  • Take accountability for actions, decisions and results vs. blaming
  • Demonstrate through actions a commitment to the well-being of the community and the environment
  • Hold ourselves and others accountable for results
  • Take ownership of team goals and are accountable for own part in the process
  •  Can be counted on to deliver and meet goals and objectives
  • Have a “can do” attitude and bias for action
  • Strive to take good care of the resources, assets you are entrusted with and used for the glory of God

We are committed to Teamwork

  • Promote teamwork among groups; discourage “we vs. they” thinking
  • Listen  to input from teammates and learn from each other to reach the best solution
  • Hold ourselves and others accountable for results
  • Work to create partnerships and to collaborate across functions
  • Help each other  to improve our work performance
  • We Stand up together for the right of others, for thepowerless, for voiceless, for vulnerable groups, for marginalized community
  • We have different talents, skills; abilities, experiences, knowledge’s, for that reason, we have to work as team to benefit from each other.
  •  Share innovative ideas, experiences, different perspectives to enhance team skills
  • Promote cooperation by working together through local, national and regionally structure
  • We are committed to leverage influence, alone or in partnership , to advocate for gender equality and collaborate with business, partners, suppliers and community leaders to promote inclusion
  • Work with community stakeholders, officials and other to eliminate discrimination and exploitation and open opportunities for  children, women, girls, men and boys
  • we are committed to engage and bring all stakeholders on board to own the process and take collective responsibilities so that they can build new communities and alternative structures which empower the poor and enable all people to become subjects of their own destiny

We are committed to embrace creativity and innovatively

  •  Are innovative in identifying new opportunities and approaches for our customers and ourselves.
  •  Take chance to try new opportunities. If we fail we learn, if we success we become the hero/heron. failure is not fatal-but  rather an opportunity for us to learn and explore news
  • Reward creative and innovative  ideas and celebrate the success of any experimentation , nothing kills creative and innovative  faster than blame and unrewarded ideas
  • Research and Development-committed to learn through assessment survey, research to find thing and  new ways of doing thing, new technology, culture of reading  and writing
  • Everyone ideas count, everyone has ideas, every good idea is for the benefit for everyone, everyone is creative and innovative so bring your ideas no ideas is a bad idea.
  • We are committed to promote education, training, personal growth and professional development for all